Cruise Itineraries

We organize Cruise itineraries for 1 or 2 weeks, Mini-Safari for 2/4 days and Overnight.

Every day are scheduled 3 dives and 1 night dive.

    • CLASSIC SHARM: Departure from Sharm - Tiran Island - Ras Mohammed Marine Park - Thistlegorm wreck and surrounding dive sites
    • GUBAL AND WRECKS: Departure from Sharm - Strait of Gubal (sha'ab abu Nuhas) - wrecks: Carnatic, Ghiannis, Chrisoula and Kimon and Rosalie Moeller - Gubal Seghir Island - Thistlegorm wreck - Dunraven wreck/Ras Mohammed Marine Park
    • DISCOVERY GUBAL: Departure from Sharm - Thistlegorm wreck - Sha'ab Ali reef - Sha'ab Umm Usk reef - Siyul Kebira reef - Small Crack reef - Shag Rock
  • ITINERARIES FOR MINI SAFARI 2/4 DAY: Departing from Sharm we will sail towards Ras Mohammed Marine Park ,Tiran Island and Thithlegorm Wreck.  We schedule 3 dives during the day and 1 night dive. Please contact us for discuss your ideas.
  • OVERNIGHT: Starting in the late afternoon from Sharm we will have the night dive, dinner on board, have a rest for the night nearby the breathtaking lagoons around. Early morning dive and other 2 dive the day after, lunch and snacks, coming back for late afternoon. It is possibile decide to dive in Ras Mohammed Marine Park and Tiran Island areas.

You can found always our staff on board, Nitrox tanks are available as well as 15 lt tanks.

Contact us for price and personal itinerary and special requests.